We won't tell you exactly where, but here are some hints on how to find the Easter eggs:
Red Planet - Low gravity can really drive you up the wall
Paradise Beach - Caution: Docks are slippery when wet
Crab Cove- I told you we should have made that first left turn!
Mushroom Grotto - In the shadow of a glowy giant
Blizzard Vale - In the yard of a quiet, cold community
Glacier Gulch - Grab it before it drifts away to sea!
Fire & Ice - Just when you thought you were out of the heat
Dino Jungle - Splash your way to the top
Death Bat Alley - Take the quick way home
Misty Marsh - Grabbing this one could leave you stuck in the mud
Tiki Temple - The gods are pleased with this offering
Aquarius - You might get vertigo trying to dive for this one
Shark Harbor - It rolled nearby when we left it hanging out to dry
Fiesta Village - All aboard!
Spooky Shores - Gone fishin'