The most common solutions for the game force-closing or crashing are:

1. Reboot your device

Often crashing problems are caused by conflicts with other applications running in the background. Usually these problems can be resolved by fully powering down your device and rebooting. You'd be surprised how often this works.

Please note that you need to FULLY power down your device by holding down the power button until the devices asks you if you'd like to shut down, and then selecting "Shut Down".

2. Disable background apps like Live Wallpapers, Virus Checkers, and Equalizers

Background apps can take up a lot of power and memory on your device. Our games tend to be both power and memory intensive, so conflicts can arise.

Try switching to a static image wallpaper, and disabling any antivirus or other software running in the background. Also, apps which affect screen orientation, music or sound equalizing, and the like can affect performance.

You can check out what apps are running in the background by going to Settings/Applications(Apps) and looking at "Running". Please note: Some running applications are required for the normal functioning of your device. Familiarize yourself with your running apps and don't just shut everything down willy nilly.

3. Don't root your device (or if you do, use a stock rom)

I know you probably don't want to hear this, but if you want your device to be as compatible as possible with all the games out there -- including high-performance games like ours -- our advice is don't root.

The problem is, operating systems are delicate things. One tiny tweak or typo in how an OS manages memory, or OpenGL ES shaders, can cause our games to completely stop working. If you want to be REALLY safe don't root your device in the first place. Or, if you are rooted, and are encountering problems, use a stock rom.

We cannot provide direct support for rooted devices. There are just too many potential variables.

4. Cool it down

If your device suddenly shuts down in the middle of a game and restarts itself, this may be an overheating problem. (You should notice that the device feels warm).

To avoid overheating, please make sure that you don't have other apps running in the background while playing (see above). Also make sure you are using your device in a well-ventilated area (eg., not resting on a couch cushion), that you are not using it in direct sunlight, and that the brightness on your screen is turned down.

5. Uninstall and reinstall the game

Uninstall the game via Settings/Applications, and then reinstall the game through the same market you purchased it from (generally the Play Store). Please note this will erase any save game data, high scores, and unlocks you may have, unless you are using cloud saving.

If these solutions, don't help, it is possible that the game is not compatible with your device. In this case please contact Vector Unit support.