Beach Buggy Racing supports split screen multiplayer on all devices that allow for 2 or more game controllers to be connected at once.
With split screen multiplayer, you connect 2 or more controllers to your device, and run the game.  The screen gets divided into multiple small screens, one for each controller.  Supported controllers include Bluetooth or USB game controllers, or a Smart TV remote control.
(Please note, BBR does not support Chromecast.  You need to connect your device with an HDMI cable, or play on a directly connected device like Android TV.)   
Additional notes:
  • On free-to-play versions of the game, you first have to purchase the "Go Premium" IAP to unlock split screen mode.
  • On Xbox One, you can connect up to 6 controllers for local split screen multiplayer. 
  • On PlayStation 4, you can connect up to 4 controllers for local split screen multiplayer, or if you have PlayStation Plus, you can play with one other person over PlayStation Network. See